What’s wrong with Cold Calling in Recruitment?

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Aditya Datta
April 27, 2023
Cold calling in recruitment

Recruitment has come a long way since the days of posting job ads in newspapers and waiting for the candidates to roll in.

Remember the time when outbound recruiting came into action? Recruiters were introduced with the term "cold calling." Being a relatively quick and easy approach to reaching out to potential candidates, it became popular in no time. 

But with the advent of technology, the recruitment landscape has shifted significantly. If you're one of those recruiters who solely rely on cold calling to fill your roles, you're missing out on the more effective and less intrusive approaches that are available today. Let me tell you why.

In today's recruitment landscape,

Candidates have more power than ever before. Recruiters who want to attract and retain top talent need to adopt a more personalized and candidate-centric approach. Because:

1. Cold calling is intrusive:

When you call someone out of the blue, it interrupts their day and can be a major annoyance. It's not the best way to start off a relationship with a potential candidate.

2. Improper Timing:

It's not at the time of the candidate, but at the time of the person calling. Today's busy folks have schedules to follow. Cold calling needs their immediate availability at that moment, which might be challenging.

3. Lack of Trust & candidate experience:

The prospect doesn't know the recruiter's name, company, or goals when they approach. A recruiter must first establish trust before they can have a meaningful conversation.

5. Affecting the Employer Brand:

There's no control over the message that's delivered during a cold call. A recruiter might not be able to deliver the message effectively or convey the company's culture appropriately over a phone call. That might leave a bad impression on the candidate.

So are we against cold calling at Talowiz?

Absolutely yes. In fact, we still believe that this technique is outdated, inefficient, and can even be intrusive to potential candidates.

In today's world, technology has revolutionized the way we communicate and interact with each other, and recruitment is no exception. There are several new and modern approaches to finding and interacting with candidates, such as social media platforms, job boards, and email marketing.

These methods not only save time and effort but also allow for a more targeted and personalized approach to recruitment.

In a world of personalization and experience, you need more of a multichannel reachout approach at scale where a cold call is not the first touchpoint with the candidate.

Let’s deep dive into How a successful Outbound Campaign looks like without cold calling:

Step 1: Introductory Email

Send an first connect using email- introducing the job description and the company's mission and vision. An effective outreach email should consider the following:

  • Personalized subjectline & body tailored to the candidate's interests and skills.
  • Talk about how this opportunity could be best suitable as the candidate’s next career move.
  • It should come from a genuine person in the company.
  • The message should talk about them.
  • Showcasing the company's unique selling points and what sets it apart from other employers, recruiters.

Email Reach-out Campaign for Recruiting Candidate
Talowiz Reachout

Step 2: Personalized Automated Follow-ups

The key to success is to follow up with a sequence of emails that keep the candidate engaged and interested. An effective outreach email should consider the following:  

  • Sent at specific intervals, such as one email per week. 
  • Personalized email body with additional details about the job description, company culture, and employee benefits. By providing more information about the company and the role, recruiters can build trust and rapport with potential candidates.
Personalized Follow-up Sequence for Email Campaigns
Talowiz Personalized Automated Follow-ups

Step 3: Multichannel Reach-out

Remember, email is one of the many tools at your disposal. Consider using other multichannel outreach approaches like LinkedIn InMail or WhatsApp to reach candidates where they are most comfortable. Use the same principles of personalization, relevance, and respect for the candidate's time to make sure your outreach is effective.

Multichannel Reachout
Talowiz Multichannel Reach-out

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In short, by using a mix of emails, and other multichannel reach-out techniques, you can create a more effective recruitment campaign that reaches potential candidates where they are most comfortable and builds a relationship with them over time.

With automation, you'll be able to find the right candidates fast for your company and build a high quality talent pipeline that can drive your hiring efforts forward.

And if you want Talowiz to do that for you, let's talk.