The Superpower of Orchestration and Automation Unleashed for Hiring

An AI-powered, analytics-driven, robust hiring platform with innovative, industry-first features and unmatched flexibility to configure your hiring workflows. The end result? You onboard the best talent, at scale, all the time.

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Super Power of Orchestration and Automation

Automate hiring, end-to-end

Right from sending out the interview emails, scheduling the interviews, configuring the assessment rules to finally on-boarding the candidates - automate your complete hiring workflow.

Boost your hiring teams’ productivity manifold by automating manual and repetitive tasks and grabbing every opportunity.

Customize your hiring process

Your organization is unique and so should be your hiring process to ensure the best talent is onboarded. Leverage the power of creating hiring processes that are custom-made for your organization.

Use standard templates and customize them or create your own processes from scratch with any amount of depth and detailing you want.

Configure rules to drive efficiencies

Get a single version of truth, visible to everyone across the hiring chain. Ensure all the stakeholders – recruiter, interviewer, and candidate – across the board have the same picture, with customizable drill-down capabilities for a deep dive. Attract and engage quality talent with innovative drip campaigns.

Keep all stakeholders in sync, all the time

Configure rules to make your own hiring process agile, responsive and blazing fast. Configure assessment rules to automatically select or reject candidates, send out customized communication based on the assessment result, answer any questions the candidates might have, and much more – all this with zero manual intervention, making your hiring process super efficient.

Capture the right data

No matter how complex or widespread your hiring process is, always ensure you capture the right data at the right time at every touch point. Leverage the power of built-in analytics to distill the captured data to drive informed decision making.

Automate and orchestrate your hiring process in three quick steps.

Plan the hiring process

Configure the flow