Bulk Hiring

Recruitment personnel always need to be on their toes to address diverse recruitment challenges. One of the biggest challenges is hiring in large numbers with seemingly impossible timelines breathing down the neck.

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Hiring in large numbers within timeline

Managing a glut of applications, scheduling assessments and interviews, making quick and accurate assessments, keeping the right candidates engaged throughout the process, and a slew of other challenges make it an enervating experience.

A haphazard response not backed up by the right hiring tools and without the right strategy often results in disastrous results, making it an unpleasant and unfruitful experience for organization, recruiters, and candidates. Talowiz offers the right tools to get your bulk-hiring strategies on point and deliver the desired results within the highly crunched timelines.

Hire at scale confidently by using chatbots to quickly filter out the candidates that don’t fit the basic criteria; leveraging built-in templates that can be customized to quickly set your hiring process in motion; automating the hiring process end-to-end, with checkpoints built at every round to funnel the qualified candidates to the next stage; simultaneously testing and evaluating thousands of candidates by using automated assessments; and keeping candidates closely engaged through automated and appropriate communication.

Fast personalized and Automated Hiring at scale

Hire at scale confidently by using chatbots to quickly filter out the candidates

The problem is automation as application flow is very high so automation and optimizing the funnel is the key problem

Prescreening through chatbots, skill assessments, Psychometric assessments and others to optimize the pipeline

Candidate experience is also important, as in the present process, due to lack of process automation, a lot of candidates get dropped at various stages of the funnel

Generally high volume hiring happens for temp staffing

Automate and orchestrate your hiring process in three quick steps.

Plan the hiring process

Configure the flow