Campus Hiring - Early Talent Hiring

Hiring at campuses is one of the most daunting, yet possibly one of the most rewarding challenges for a hiring team. It is a race against time.

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Test hundreds of candidates across universities and colleges

A sea of candidates is to be tested and rapidly moved through the different rounds, with each round filtering the most suitable candidates, until the final interview rounds where hiring team members get to interview the selected candidates. All this has to be managed under a strict timeline. And to top it all, this exhaustive exercise has to be carried at multiple campuses. Campus hiring is grueling and exacting, demanding every ounce of energy and motivation from your hiring team.

You need a solution that is tailor made for campus hiring, addressing specific pain points and making it a breeze for your hiring team.

With Talowiz, you can simultaneously and reliably test hundreds, even thousands, of candidates across universities and colleges anywhere in the world. Quickly shortlist the candidates with required skill sets and automatically schedule the interviews. At any time, view how many candidates have qualified and are at which stage, identify any bottlenecks and quickly remove them.

Hire virtually from any campus in the world

Problems in Campus hiring -Time consuming process, large number of universities to visit, Volume of candidates are high

Large number of candidates to be assessed in a very short time - need automated assessments to conduct tests across universities

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Auto Scheduling of shortlisted candidates from assessments - manually is very time consuming

Automate and orchestrate your hiring process in three quick steps.

Plan the hiring process

Configure the flow