Diversity Hiring

Ensure a rewarding and cohesive workplace with diversity hiring. Modern workplaces realize the importance of a diverse workforce. Diversity brings different perspectives, fosters innovation, improves employee engagement, reduces employee turnover and improves the organization’s reputation.

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With Talowiz, you never miss a beat

Putting into action your diversity hiring strategies, however, cannot guarantee good results. Inherent systemic and personal biases, lack of visibility and transparency in hiring processes, inadvertently misdirected communication, subjectivity in assessments, insufficient data capture and lack of analytics capabilities can thwart the best laid diversity hiring strategies.

With Talowiz, you never miss a beat. At any point, you know how effective your hiring strategy is and the corrective action you need to take.

Using built-in AI and advanced predictive analytics, Talowiz gives an all-round perspective on your current hiring process in real-time. It provides complete visibility of the under-represented groups across the hiring funnel, unearths bottlenecks in the process, identifies systemic biases, determines ineffective communication outreach and discovers lack of objectivity or potential gray areas in assessment. Hiring strategists also get an opportunity to course correct by identification of precise actionable tasks like messaging and communication to be more inclusive, scheduling more or less number of candidates to achieve diversity goals etc.

Full visibility of diversity recruiting strategies in the hiring funnel

Providing visibility of the under represented groups across the funnel to understand how diversity hiring strategies are working

Diversity hiring starts by making sure that there are enough top of the funnel candidates  from under-represented groups.

Uncovers bottlenecks in different steps of the hiring process—whether it is the application stage, phone screening, interview or offer. The teams understand if the underrepresented talent is progressing through the funnel at slower rates or dropping out of the process altogether.

Providing visibility of the underrepresented groups across the funnel to understand how diversity hiring strategies are working so teams can pivot and adjust mid-process to achieve their diversity goals. Is email outreach inadvertently alienating underrepresented groups, and how can sourcers rework their messaging to be more inclusive?

Where are systemic biases showing up—by role, recruiter, or hiring manager—as some candidate segments get stuck at certain stages of the funnel? Based on your team’s historical data, how many candidates will you need at every stage of the funnel to make one underrepresented hire? Why didn’t the team hit its diversity hiring goals in a given quarter or year?

Automate and orchestrate your hiring process in three quick steps.

Plan the hiring process

Configure the flow