Global Remote Distributed Hiring

Hey recruiters! With Talowiz, the world is your oyster. Technology-driven innovations in the post-pandemic world have made it possible for team members across time zones to effectively communicate and collaborate.

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Talowiz has been built from the ground up to deliver highly effective remote hiring solutions

The tech landscape has witnessed a surge in companies scouting for talent spread across the world. Remote hiring solutions, unfortunately, have been underwhelming for the recruiters for the unique challenges remote hiring presents. These challenges includeTalowiz has been built from the ground up to deliver highly effective and result-oriented remote hiring solutions.

Start your rewarding recruitment journey now with features that makes Talowiz hands-down the most effective remote hiring tool: integration with leading ATS tools and online platforms such as LinkedIn, customizable hiring flows, automated drip campaigns, highly proctored assessments that could be fully automated or use a hybrid approach, chatbots for preliminary and time-zone independent screening, a wide array of assessment widgets, an AI-powered and feature-rich interviewing tool, built-in analytics to discover trends, complete hiring flow visibility, customized reports with drill-down capabilities, and much more.

Distributed stakeholders spread across the globe in different time zones

Automate and orchestrate your hiring process in three quick steps.

Plan the hiring process

Configure the flow