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Onboard the first-string candidates, quickly and reliably. Today’s tech hiring marketplace is fiercely competitive where finding the right talent is only one part of the hiring puzzle. How quickly can you onboard the talent by discovering, engaging and testing the candidates is equally critical.

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Talowiz turbocharges your tech hiring

While you want to test candidates thoroughly, it’s critical not to make the process excruciatingly long and winding, risking losing good talent to competition. You need to make your hiring fast, dynamic, accurate and engaging. The candidates must always have clear visibility of where they are in the process, how they have fared so far, and what’s lined up next.

Talowiz turbocharges your tech hiring by shrinking your hiring timeline. Tap a large talent pool by seamlessly integrating your existing ATS, popular platforms such as LinkedIn or job boards. Maintain a rich, curated pipeline of candidates with already identified skillsets. Create customized hiring flows that are optimized for speed and accuracy. Auto schedule hundreds of interviews without any conflicts. Trigger auto reminders having personalized communication. Test candidates comprehensively on any tech skill while ensuring complete fairness with built-in anti-cheat mechanisms, evaluate test results super fast and make scores available instantly to the stakeholders. Interview candidates live with pair programming. Publish reports and leverage the power of analytics to quickly discover trends and identify bottlenecks in your process to take corrective action.

Hire top Tech Talent at lightning fast speed

Outcome related statements relating to the problems of the sector.
Problem - slow speed of hiring

Applicant to conversion ratio is just 1% or even less

Highly competitive hiring leading to a lot of drop offs at each stage of the hiring process

Process is longer, comprising of assessments and multiple interview rounds, which makes it difficult to keep the candidate engaged.

No real-time updates and loss of candidate data makes it difficult to provide insightful analytics that can help in identifying the bottlenecks in the funnel.

Key features in tech hiring

Empower recruiters to increase their outreach , create Hiring flow, optimize pipeline with coding assessments, auto scheduling, live interview with pair programming, communication/reminders to keep candidates engaged and auto reminders

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Analytics and reporting - Insights to uncover bottlenecks in real time

Automate and orchestrate your hiring process in three quick steps.

Plan the hiring process

Configure the flow