Automatic Sourcing Tools to speedup your Hiring

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Aditya Datta
January 9, 2024

In today's rapidly evolving and competitive talent landscape, sourcing professionals are under increasing pressure to innovate and adapt. Embracing automated sourcing strategies is key to efficiently identifying top candidates and ensuring they stay ahead in the relentless race for talent acquisition.

Before exploring the various strategies, let's first examine which aspects of the sourcing process can be automated.

What Aspects of Sourcing Can Be Automated?

In the realm of recruitment, sourcing is a critical phase where efficiency can be greatly enhanced through automation. By leveraging technology, several key aspects of sourcing can be streamlined, significantly reducing the time and effort involved in finding the right candidates. Here are some of the primary areas where automation can play a transformative role:

  1. Candidate Scraping: 

This involves the automated extraction of candidate information from various online sources, including job boards, social media platforms, and professional networks. This process helps in building a comprehensive database of potential candidates.

  1. Generating Lists: 

Automation tools can quickly compile lists of candidates based on specific criteria, such as skills, experience, and location. This not only speeds up the sourcing process but also ensures a more targeted approach.

  1. Searching for Email Addresses: 

Finding contact information is often a time-consuming task. Automation tools can swiftly gather email addresses and other contact details of potential candidates, facilitating easier outreach.

  1. Resume Screening:

Automated systems can scan and evaluate resumes against job requirements, filtering out candidates who don't meet the specified criteria. This helps in narrowing down the pool to the most suitable applicants.

  1. Job posting and distribution:

Automating the job posting process allows for simultaneous distribution across multiple platforms. This ensures wider visibility and reach, attracting a diverse pool of candidates.

  1. Market Mapping:

Automation tools can analyze market trends and provide insights into the availability of talent across different sectors and geographies. This is crucial for strategic planning and understanding where to focus sourcing efforts.

Automated Sourcing Tools for Saving Time



  • Job posting and distribution
  • Resume Screening

Platforms like SmartRecruiter make job posting and distribution more efficient. With the ability to post to over 300 job boards with a single click, these tools eliminate the redundancy of individual postings on multiple platforms, ensuring wider reach and visibility in minimal time.



  • Candidate Scraping
  • Generating Lists
  • Searching for Email addresses
  • Market Mapping

Tools like Talowiz streamline candidate sourcing with its expansive database of over 100 million profiles, enabling access to a vast candidate universe on a single platform. Its integration of data, intelligence, and automation offers unmatched precision and speed in hiring, simplifying the sourcing process. Even non-recruiters can efficiently source candidates thanks to Talowiz's user-friendly interface and operational automation, which make it possible for a single individual to manage the entire talent function effectively.



  • Candidate Scraping
  • Generating Lists
  • Job posting and distribution

Phantombuster stands out for its robust capability to scrape data from various social media platforms, including Instagram, Medium, Google Maps, Facebook, and notably LinkedIn. Its proficiency in extracting data from LinkedIn, including groups and all publicly available profile information, positions it as an exceptionally powerful tool for sourcing. Phantombuster's ability to capture even screenshots of LinkedIn profiles adds to its comprehensive scraping functionalities, making it invaluable for finding relevant candidates and conducting thorough research.



  • Candidate Scraping
  • Generating Lists
  • Searching for Email Addresses

SalesQL is a favored tool for its seamless integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, allowing the rapid scraping of up to 1,000 candidates, complete with their personal and business email addresses. Offering exceptional value, SalesQL provides the first 100 credits for free. Its affordable pricing plans include $39 for 1,500 contacts and $89 for 10,000 contacts, making it an economical choice for extensive sourcing needs.



Generating Lists

Job posting and distribution

Zapier, often hailed as the ultimate automation tool in sourcing and recruitment, acts as a pivotal connector for various standalone tools. Think of it as an essential bridge, facilitating seamless transitions from point A to B. Here are a few practical examples:

  • When someone completes a form on your website, Zapier can instantly transfer this data to your CRM.
  • For responses collected through Typeform or Google Forms, Zapier efficiently moves this information to your CRM.
  • If someone connects with you on LinkedIn, Zapier can channel their email details directly to your CRM (like Lemlist) and even to your Facebook group.

With over 2,000 "Zaps" available, mastering Zapier can transform it into an incredible time-saving asset. The service is free for the first 5 Zaps, but for more extensive needs, plans start at $19.99 per month for 20 Zaps, scaling up to $299 for unlimited Zaps, catering to all your company’s automation requirements.

What’s Next?

In conclusion, the integration of automation tools like Talowiz, Phantombuster, SalesQL, and Zapier in the sourcing and recruitment process marks a significant shift towards efficiency and effectiveness. These tools not only streamline candidate sourcing, list generation, and data scraping but also bridge gaps between various platforms, ensuring seamless data transfer and management. By adopting these innovative solutions, recruiters can save considerable time and resources, allowing them to focus on strategic aspects of talent acquisition. As the recruitment landscape continues to evolve, embracing these technologies is not just an option but a necessity for staying competitive and efficient in talent sourcing. Try out Talowiz