Talowiz Talent Acquisition

Hire top-tier talent that’s beyond your reach

Talowiz Talent AcquisitionTM uses the superpowers of Talowiz platform to deliver a complete source-to-hire solution.
At a 10X faster rate, hire the most qualified candidates who are the best fit for the role.

An end-to-end hiring solution best suited for - Early Stage & Growth Stage Startups. All you need is a requisition, and Talowiz handles the rest.

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 From Hiring Headache to Hiring Heaven

Get the best talent without any hassle — let Talowiz handle your hiring.

Advanced Sourcing

High quality diverse candidates at fingertip

Talowiz effortlessly sources the most qualified and diverse candidates from its vast talent pools, that’s beyond your reach.

Talowiz feature inforgraphicgraphical user interface, text, application
Talowiz feature inforgraphicgraphical user interface, applicationgraphical user interface, application
Supersonic Reachout

Fill roles 10X faster

Connects to these world's top talent 10X faster with personalized 1:1 emails and follow-ups, your competitors can't match.

Uses multichannel outreach to reach candidates where they are active & ensure zero drop offs.

Effortless Hiring

Skip the recruiting workload

Hire talent, not headaches. Get the talent you need without the hassle of a massive HR team.

Talowiz Automation Suite delivers a seamless hiring experience with the power of automation.

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Talowiz feature inforgraphicgraphical user interface, applicationgraphical user interface, text, applicationgraphical user interface, text, application

Automated Follow Ups & Reminders

Never miss out on any candidate. Talowiz's automated follow-ups and reminders keep the candidate engaged even after the interview is scheduled.

Collaborative Hiring

Get everyone on the same page

All candidate data from CV, Social profiles, Interview feedbacks, test results, assignments & more combined to create a unified 360 degree talent profile with timelines.

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Talowiz InfographicTalowiz InfographicCalendar Scheduling Inforgraphic
Candidate Experience

Deliver a stellar Candidate Experience

Be a standout employer.

Talowiz's automated & personalized communications, candidate query resolution, & candidate-led interview scheduling ensure your recruitment efforts are always top of mind for your candidates.

Customer Logo
"Vedantu is always doing high volume hiring of teachers across India. Talowiz provided us options to deploy multiple strategies of pipeline building and deploy it. We can measure ROIs of our efforts. We are more organized now."
Hari Sharan
AVP - Center of Teacher’s Excellence