Terms of Use and Purchase

Last Modification: September, 2022. 

Please read the terms and conditions of use and purchase as mentioned below for ensuring smooth and efficient service. By using Talowiz services or signing up for a demo, you are agreeing to the Terms of Use, which initiates a legal contractual relationship between you (as the “User”) and Talowiz. As a customer of the Service, or by representing an entity which is a customer of the Talowiz service, you will be referred to as a “User” according to this document. This Privacy Policy is a legally binding document between you and Talowiz (terms defined below). This privacy policy terms will come in to effect after the acceptance of the same by the user, either through electron form (direct or indirect) or by clicking I accept button or by approval by other means) and will govern the relationship between you and Talowiz for your use of the platform “Talowiz”. 

Ownership and Talowiz Website and associated Services

1.1. All websites available through the domain name https://www.talowiz.com  and all subdomains or subsections thereof are operated and owned by Talowiz. The Terms mentioned in this document governs the access, browsing and in turn use of the Talowiz website or the Talowiz Platform, as well as any other making use of any sub-services which are offered as a part of the Talowiz offering (the “Services”). Regarding the storage, processing and access of personal data of the Users or the recipients of the User, the Privacy Policy of Talowiz shall apply. Some Services offered by Talowiz may be subject to additional terms and conditions which must be agreed to by the User prior to making use of aforementioned services. These specific services may be imposed on the Users by Talowiz or any other third party service providers which Talowiz employs to offer its Services. The above mentioned conditions will be applicable in addition to the Terms and Conditions of this document, and the User must accept these additional conditions in order to continue using the Services. 

1.2. Any user who accesses the Talowiz website or makes use of any of the Services offered by Talowiz shall be deemed as a User. If a User does not accept any of the Terms of Use and Purpose as mentioned in this document, they must immediately exit the Talowiz website, and stop making use of any Services that Talowiz has to offer. 

1.3 By agreeing to the Terms of Use and Purpose, the User ensures that: The User is of legal age and has extensively read through and accepts the Terms of Use; In the event of entering into a contractual agreement with Talowiz by making use of any Services, the User has the legal capacity to enter into such an agreement; 

1.4 If a User is accessing and making use of Services of Talowiz on behalf of another User of Talowiz, the User warrants to have obtained specific prior authorisation from such a User in order to continue making use of Talowiz Services. 

1.5 Talowiz reserves the right to make amendments, at any time based on the requirements of the Company, to the Services, the Website and any other documentation including this document. The transactions made between the User and the Company will be honored, and performed to completion as agreed. 

2. Accessing the Website and using Services of the Company

2.1 Accessing the Talowiz website is free of charge, but for the cost of connectivity made use of to access said website. Access to the Services provided by Talowiz may be subject to remuneration as mentioned below and on the Talowiz Website periodically. 

2.2 In order to use the Services, the User must sign up to the Talowiz platform, or may use Google-based authentication. Some specific personal data required from users with specific roles. This information is required to trigger automation efficiently. Data required areGoogle Access Token with access to read, write emails on the behalf of the user if the user is involved in the recruitment process.Google Access Token with access to read, update calendar on the behalf of the user if the user is involved in the recruitment process as an interviewer.

2.3 The User agrees to use the Services provided by Talowiz in good faith and not to use them in a negligent or unlawful manner. Additionally, the User agrees not to indulge in any activities which could damage the interests, reputation or rights of the Services, any other Users or third parties. 

2.4 It is the responsibility of the User prior to using the Services provided by Talowiz to ensure that the features of Services serve the requirements of the User. 

3. Website and Talowiz Services Code of Conduct 

3.1 The Users agree not to use Services to: Distribute or submit information or data that may be racist, pornographic, xenophobic, infringes human rights in any manner or may support terrorism; Distribute or upload software (virus or malware) which may damage the computer systems of the User’s ISP (internet service provider), or any other users.; Distribute, or transfer to any unauthorised third parties information which may constitute a violation of the fundamental rights and civil liberties of the Users and Talowiz or may constitute a breach of Intellectual Property rights, patents held by the owners of the Talowiz Website and Services; Distribute, or transfer to any Users’ Recipients which may be construed as deceptive; Impersonate any other Users of the Talowiz Website and Services; 

3.2 The User represents and ensures that the use of the Services of Talowiz will be compliant with all applicable legal requirements. Therefore, you as a User are in agreement of, represent and warrant Talowiz that: will maintain all necessary permissions and consents which are lawfully required to transfer data to Talowiz, and permits Talowiz to store, access and process data in a lawful manner for the sole purpose of providing the Service or as otherwise permitted by you. acknowledge that we have prior authorization from you to redirect any of your subjects or representatives or recipients that ask to exercise any rights pertaining to data protection to you, for you to take necessary steps. 

3.3 In case of failure of the User to comply with any of the aforementioned terms of use, the User will not hold Talowiz accountable for the same. Talowiz holds the right to claim compensation for any damages incurred by the Company. 

4. Third Party Websites and other Services accessible through Company Website 

4.1 The Talowiz Website may contain links that allow the User to access some third party websites, and service providers (referred to as “Linked Sites”). Aforementioned Linked Sites are run by third parties, and Talowiz does not control such websites. The Users must inform Talowiz in an event where they feel that a Linked Site contains inappropriate or unlawful content. 

4.2 Unless expressly stated on the Company Website, Talowiz is not accountable for the content and services of the Linked Sites, and thus, cannot be held liable for any damages caused to the Users. 

5. Intellectual Property

5.1 Any and all intellectual properties on the Company Website and the Services owned by Talowiz,  inclusive of but not limited to, any intellectual property in photographs, graphics, texts, icons, technology or software as well the graphic design of the website and source code of platform and services. The User under no circumstances will be licensed to or assigned any responsibilities which validate the exploitation of intellectual property regulations. 

5.2 Any trademarks, names or signs displayed on the Company Website and associated Services are exclusively owned by Talowiz or third parties. The User under no circumstance will be licensed or assigned to own the trademark rights. Talowiz ® is a registered trademark owned exclusively by Talowiz. 

5.3 The Users are forbidden from copying, disassembling, or modifying partially or fully, or taking any action to create derivatives of the source code, or attempt to reverse engineer the Services offered by the Company. 

6. Purchase Terms of Talowiz Services

6.1 As mentioned before, specific features of the Services will be subject to periodic remunerations and to purchase of the Services by the User (the “Services for Purchase”).

6.2 In order to complete the process of purchase of Talowiz Services, the User is required to introduce payment data and any other information which may be necessary to complete payment.

6.3 Additionally, Talowiz shall keep an e-receipt of all User’s purchases. Such a receipt will be for the record of the Company, and not be made available to the User. 

7. Correcting and Identifying errors when entering data

7.1 Whenever the User misses to fill out a required field, the User will not be allowed to proceed through the payment process. A message will inform the User of any such discrepancy. 

7.2 In the event of a non-rectifiable error made by the User during the purchase process, the User may request a correction of any such error by writing a mail to support@talowiz.com.

8. Pricing of the Talowiz Service

8.1 The pricing and terms of use and purpose of various Talowiz services subscriptions are listed on the website and displayed to the User prior to completion of the payment process. 

9. Support 

9.1 In case of any doubts or concerns regarding the Services, the User must immediately contact Talowiz by writing a mail to support@talowiz.com

10. Notices

10.1 Any notices, requests or demands between the parties in connection with the provided Services or accessing the Website shall be made in writing and shall be considered as delivered only if sent through a certified mail or by certified fax to the address of the Company or the User. 

10.2 Notices sent to Talowiz shall be considered as duly made only when sent to support@talowiz.com

10.3 On the other hand, any communication to the User from the Company will be deemed to have been duly received when sent to the email address used by the User to complete the signup process of Talowiz. 

11. Severability

11.1 Any invalidity or un-enforceability found in any provision of this document shall only affect the specific provision. However, the remaining provisions of this document will continue to be in force. The invalid provision, shall not be considered as a part of this document. 

12. Jurisdiction

12.1 The Users and Talowiz specifically waive any other jurisdiction which may be in correspondence with them and mutually agree to resolve any and all controversy which may arise out of the Services or accessing the Website before the Courts of the United States, except when applicable laws dictate otherwise.