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Build a Super-Hiring


Transform your hiring into super-hiring with AI-powered and analytics-driven hiring flows that deliver a rapid ROI

Talowiz Main Product Image
Talowiz Main Product Image

The Super Power of Talowiz

The power to hire right, at speed and at scale

Process automation and orchestration

Automate and accelerate every stage of your hiring flow and keep every stakeholder in sync with intelligent orchestration

Comprehensive, accurate and fast assessments

Whether hiring at scale or for niche roles, customize your assessments and deliver accurate results at blazing-fast speeds by leveraging the power of multiple networks

Delightful and engaging experience for candidates

Build great relationships with candidates through personalized communication and complete process visibility

Deep insights in a snap

Get a bird’s-eye view, discover trends and insights and deep dive into data

Super power of Talowiz

Hiring Superpower

Launch your process in a jiffy
Hire at scale, quickly and efficiently
Hire across industries for a wide variety of roles and skill sets
Hire on-premise, remotely or take a hybrid approach
Accelerate on boarding the right candidates
Realize rapid ROI
Image of Talowiz feature
Image of Talowiz feature

Automation and Orchestration

Kickstart your recruitment process instantly with built-in templates
Stop working in silos; organize all hiring activities under one powerful platform
Keep all stakeholders in sync, all the time

Integration and Customization

Integrate seamlessly with existing ATSs or online platforms such as Linkedin
Incorporate the Talowiz functionality in your company job-board pages at a button's click
Bulletproof your hiring process before going live
Customize hiring flows to fit role-specific requirements
Image of Talowiz feature
Image of Talowiz feature

Candidate Engagement

Configure automated drip campaigns
Send personalized communication to candidates
Reach out to candidates through their preferred channel
Answer candidate queries quickly through automated query routing
Nurture a rich and curated pipeline of qualified candidates


Unlock the power of the best assessment tools in the market integrated with Talowiz
Test candidates quickly and accurately
Make your assessments fully automated, manual or go hybrid
Choose from a wide array of assessment widgets
Leverage the power of multiple networks to select the right candidates
Image of Talowiz feature
Image of Talowiz feature

Dashboard and Reports

Get an instant holistic view of your hiring funnel
Discover trends and projections using built-in analytics capabilities
Publish customized reports instantly