How to search employees of a company?

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Aditya Datta
April 4, 2024

If you asked a bunch of recruiters where they find their best candidates, I bet most will point towards those working for other companies or competitors. 

It sounds like a no-brainer, right? Spot the talent - understand their strengths, and make your move. Yet, despite this, diving into another company's talent pool often feels more like a treasure hunt without a map. Why is it so tricky? and more importantly, how can recruiters get better at it?

How to search employees of a company?

If you’ve found a target company and want to hire from their employees then you’re in luck.

Talowiz provides you with an easy way to search through both a company’s current and former employees using their search options. First step would be to signup with Talowiz.

Select the Company filter 

Click on “View/Edit” and input the company name

Click on Fetch Results to get your data

What’s next?

Now, if you want to further jot down your search for more specific results. 

Suppose you want to find Backend Software Engineer working at Google & based out of Bengaluru with 3-5 years, then follow these steps.

Select the Job Titles & Job Kywords Filter

Click on “View/Edit” and input the job title

Select the “Locations” Filter

Click on “View/Edit” and input the Location

Select the dropdown button of “Experience Range” Filter & add the range

Click on Fetch Results


We found 481 results for this parameter along with their contact details. And the best part?  Discovering talent eager to make a move with the "switch-ability" filter.

Why it’s better than Linkedin?

Talowiz goes beyond traditional search by using our proprietary "switch-ability" filter. This filter analyzes signals in candidates' profiles to identify those who are most likely to be receptive to new opportunities.

Our internal research shows that candidates surfaced by the "switch-ability" filter are 70% more likely to change jobs within a year. This means you're spending your time on candidates genuinely interested in new opportunities, significantly increasing your conversion rate.

Your gateway to smarter sourcing awaits you…

Imagine this: finding your dream candidate, ready to say 'yes', in mere seconds. That's the prowess of Talowiz.

We're constantly evolving Talowiz, and your feedback fuels our innovation. Discover how our tech can revolutionize your recruiting game. Try out Talowiz.