2024’s Top 10 Sourcing Tools for Recruiters

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Aditya Datta
December 26, 2023

With 240+ sourcing tools options flooding the market, the task of finding the right fit can be overwhelming. That's where we come in – having meticulously tested 10 sourcing platforms, sparing you the hassle.

Drawing insights from software review sites and conducting 2,000+ user interviews, we present a live ranking of the top-sourcing software solutions. Our selection process involved rigorous testing across nine critical areas: cost, data quality, integrations, usability, reporting, feature breadth, and support.

Let’s start with our overall top pick, Talowiz.

1. Talowiz

Talowiz is an end-to-end recruitment platform that blends the power of data with intelligence and automation into your hiring.

In three steps, Talowiz reshapes your recruitment:

  1. Sourcing Intelligence -Dive into a database of 100M+ profiles, eliminating the need for other job boards. 
  2. Reach out & Connect -  Automated campaign style multichannel engagement (Email, Inmail, text, WhatsApp) with AI-driven content & intent identification.
  3. Assessment Workflow -  Automate your hiring with workflows—customizable triggers to keep the funnel and stakeholders in sync.

Get a complete grip of your recruitment funnel through reports and analytics.

Pricing: Starts from $150/month

Free Trial: Yes

2. Hired

Hired serves as a recruitment platform that links users with a carefully selected group of responsive technology and sales professionals actively seeking new job opportunities. This platform enhances user experience by providing improved data, personalized matches, and increased acceptance rates through impartial insights, DEI tools, skill assessments, and dedicated Customer Success Managers. Additionally, the company asserts that employers, on average, save 45 sourcing hours per role by utilizing the comprehensive Hired solutions suite.

Pricing: Available on demand

Free Trial: No

3. GEM

Gem provides software for talent engagement and candidate management, fostering robust relationships and enhancing the hiring process. This software supports talent acquisition teams in sourcing, outreach, and comprehensive talent pipeline management, offering insights for strategic operations. The sourcing product empowers recruiters to maintain candidate engagement for both current and future hiring requirements.

Pricing: Available on demand

Free Trial: No

4. Seekout

SeekOut stands out as a powerful candidate-sourcing software tool designed to assist recruiters in discovering and connecting with elusive talent. Offering a comprehensive perspective on candidates, including their skills, experiences, and endorsements, SeekOut streamlines the process of identifying the ideal match.

With access to 500 million profiles globally, sourced from platforms such as GitHub and other public web sources, SeekOut proves to be an extensive and all-encompassing tool for sourcing the right talent.

Pricing: Available on demand

Free Trial: No

5. ContactOut

ContactOut stands out as an exceptional candidate sourcing tool, facilitating the discovery of potential candidates by furnishing valuable data, including email addresses and phone numbers. This tool operates as a Chrome plugin seamlessly integrated with social networking platforms like LinkedIn. Leveraging artificial intelligence, the extension meticulously scans social network pages to locate and authenticate the accurate email addresses of candidates.

Beyond its chrome extension functionality, ContactOut offers a versatile search portal, enabling unlimited searches to identify potential applicants who may not be present on LinkedIn. Remarkably, the tool allows users to send emails directly to candidates without the need to navigate away from the search pages, streamlining the outreach process.

Pricing: Starts from $79/month

Free Trial: Yes

6. Beamery

Beamery presents an innovative AI-powered talent lifecycle management platform, empowering organizations to effectively manage the entire spectrum of talent activities, from attraction and retention to development and transition. At the core of this platform is Beamery's sourcing solution, strategically designed to enable recruiters to proactively discover the most suitable talent while ensuring a captivating candidate experience. According to Beamery, this solution optimizes the sourcing process by automating workflows, resulting in a significant reduction of 50-90% in clicks during sourcing activities.

Pricing: Available on demand

Free Trial: No

7. Fetcher

Fetcher stands out as an inventive talent sourcing platform meticulously crafted to streamline and enhance the process of identifying top-tier talent for organizations. With its cutting-edge AI capabilities, Fetcher harnesses the potential of automation and machine learning to identify and engage potential candidates across diverse sources, including job boards, social media platforms, and professional networks. The platform intelligently filters and ranks candidates according to predefined criteria, presenting recruiters with a time-saving and efficient approach.

The intuitive interface of Fetcher empowers recruiters to seamlessly manage and track candidate pipelines, fostering collaboration with team members. Additionally, recruiters can derive valuable insights through robust analytics, enhancing their decision-making process. By leveraging technology, Fetcher spearheads a revolution in talent sourcing, providing companies with the means to efficiently and effect

Pricing: Available on demand

Free Trial: No

8. SalesQl

SourcerQL is a platform meticulously crafted to aid businesses in efficiently sourcing and obtaining crucial details of potential candidates within a centralized interface. Users can seamlessly extract and download information from a pool of candidates, empowering them to curate networking lists and prospect databases for future recruitment endeavors.

This comprehensive platform boasts a myriad of features, including advanced candidate sourcing, multi-user functionality, intricate filtering options, and robust data export capabilities. SourcerQL further enhances user experience with a user-friendly browser extension, enabling the capture of vital contact details, such as phone numbers and email addresses, directly from LinkedIn profiles within their web browser.

Pricing: Start from $39/month

Free Trial: Yes

9. HeroHunt

HeroHunt.ai revolutionizes talent search and engagement with its advanced engine, granting recruiters access to a global pool of 1 billion candidates.

Discover candidates effortlessly across platforms like LinkedIn, GitHub, and Stack Overflow. Instantly access verified contact details with a click, simplifying outreach. Experience the power of automatic, highly personalized messages generated the moment you view a profile.

Streamline your outreach with autopilot message sequences and follow-ups. HeroHunt.ai ensures you stay organized by automatically tracking viewed and contacted profiles. Integrate seamlessly with your preferred ATS to centralize candidate data for a more efficient recruitment process.

Pricing: Starts from $97 / month

Free Trial: Yes

10. Manatal

Manatal stands at the forefront of talent sourcing platforms, dedicated to streamlining the recruitment process. Boasting an intuitive interface and robust features, Manatal delivers an efficient solution for identifying top-tier talent. Recruiters can effortlessly create job postings, monitor applicant progress, and collaborate seamlessly with team members.

What sets Manatal apart is its utilisation of advanced AI algorithms and intelligent automation, simplifying candidate sourcing by tapping into expansive talent pools and aggregating data from various sources. The platform goes beyond the basics, offering customisable workflows, automated resume parsing, and insightful analytics to optimize the recruitment journey and elevate decision-making.

In essence, Manatal empowers recruiters to swiftly and effectively find and hire the best candidates, ensuring a seamless and sophisticated recruitment experience.

Pricing: Starts from $15/month

Free Trial: Yes