Gulf's Fintech Powerhouse Wins Nov '23 Hiring Machine

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Aditya Datta
March 18, 2024

Fincobox, a fintech powerhouse in the Gulf region, has been lauded as the Hiring Machine of the Month for November 2023. This dynamic fintech entity, known for its disruptive influence in the Gulf's fintech sector, has now set a new standard in recruitment excellence by filling  10 senior tech & product roles in just 4 weeks.

Company Overview

About the Company

Fincobox, a leading fintech company in the Gulf region, excels in offering payment, card, and lending services. What makes Fincobox stand out is its dedication to helping online businesses and small companies grow by providing easy and fair financial solutions. The company focuses on making funding accessible and affordable for these businesses, helping to create a more balanced market. Fincobox aims to be the go-to financial solution for online merchants, transforming the way the fintech industry operates. Their approach is all about providing quick, flexible, and business-friendly financial support, making Fincobox a key player in the e-commerce and finance sectors.

At Fincobox, our rapid growth is anchored in three pillars: strategic sourcing, effective outreach without any leakage, and seamless assessment automation," said Shonam

YOY Growth

Growth by Function



Fincobox’s talent sourcing strategy stands out for its efficiency and effectiveness. By leveraging advanced technologies and intelligent search parameters, they were able to source 1000+ exact fit candidates in a record time.

Reach out without Pipeline Leakage

Fincobox’s leveraged the Talowiz technology to reachout to these sourced candidates with hyper-personalized emails and follow-ups without requiring any human effort. The outreach methodology ensured seamless communication and engagement with potential candidates. This approach minimized pipeline leakage, crucial in maintaining a robust talent acquisition process.

Assessment Automation

Fincobox's use of assessment automation ensured they were able to process 1000+ candidates at once without having a large team of recruiters. It ensured an automated interview scheduling process with followups, test automation, shortlisting, screening, and rejecting candidates with stakeholder engagement which would have required an army of requires and months of hard work.


Fincobox's recognition as November 2023's 'Hiring Machine of the Month' highlights their exceptional talent acquisition strategy in the fintech domain. Their swift and efficient filling of ten senior roles in just four weeks underscores a mastery of recruitment, blending advanced technology with effective processes. This accomplishment not only sets a new benchmark in talent sourcing but also solidifies Fincobox's status as a frontrunner in the fintech industry.