1K+ Exact Candidates Sourced in Seconds (No Job Boards, No LinkedIn)

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Aditya Datta
December 15, 2023

You know the drill - Job Opens > Rush from one Job Board to another > Search on LinkedIn > _ & so on.

We know how it goes.

You spend ages looking for those dream candidates, only to find they're not even interested in leaving their comfy job.

But,, let's switch things up today.

We're here to take on the challenge of finding you that star candidate who's not just perfect but also ready to leap at a new opportunity in no time. 

And guess what? We'll make it happen using any regular JD you find online. Let's make job hunting fun again!

Into the Depths of the JD

Based on the JD, it’s clear that the role wants a Senior Backend Software Engineer based out of Bengaluru, who has experience:

  • With technologies like Java, Spring Boot, MongoDB, and Postgres.
  • Building and scaling applications on public cloud infrastructure like GCP/AWS.
  • And building fintech products.

So let’s start the sourcing process.

#Step 1: Craft a Killer Sourcing Strategy

Before diving in, it's vital to set up your sourcing strategy. Considering the JD, the ideal candidate likely hangs out at top fintech companies like Paytm, Razorpay, and more. 

So, our sourcing strategy? "Hunt from the top fintech companies."

#Step 2: Create search parameters

Jump on to the Talowiz source and create the relevant parameters one by one.

Job Title -

Choose all similar job titles from the Job Title parameter.


Company -

Since we chose “Hire from similar industry company” as our sourcing strategy, let’s add some fintech companies on the filter like:

Paytm, Razorpay, Cred


3-5 years

Job Location- 


Skills Required- 

Java, Spring, Mongo, AWS, GCP

Now click Fetch Profiles.

#Step 3:  Uncover the Ready-to-Move Gems

Now you get a list of 1000+ exact match profiles in seconds.

And the best part?  Discovering talent eager to make a move. 

Talowiz goes beyond traditional search by using our proprietary "switch-ability" filter. This filter analyzes signals in candidates' profiles to identify those who are most likely to be receptive to new opportunities.

Our internal research shows that candidates surfaced by the "switch-ability" filter are 70% more likely to change jobs within a year. This means you're spending your time on candidates genuinely interested in new opportunities, significantly increasing your conversion rate.

Imagine finding the perfect candidate, ready to join your team, within seconds. That's the power of Talowiz.

What's Next?

Imagine this: finding your dream candidate, ready to say 'yes', in mere seconds. That's the prowess of Talowiz.

We're constantly evolving Talowiz, and your feedback fuels our innovation. Discover how our tech can revolutionize your recruiting game. Try out Talowiz