Which SaaS companies hires the best Engineering Talent in India?

Aparna Rajkhowa
July 2, 2024

Imagine starting your day without any apps on your phone.

No more groceries delivered to your doorstep.

No more instant cab rides from the comfort of your home.

Banking requires a trip to the branch—no online transactions.

Sending a message means waiting days for it to be received.

And what not?

This is life without SaaS.

Thanks to the innovation and vision of SaaS startups, offering solutions for every imaginable business need and our daily lives.

Today, India's SaaS ecosystem boasts over 21,400 dynamic companies, employing 1M+ tech talents, with investments totaling $26.6 billion.

So we have analysed 500+ top SaaS companies in India across 30+ distinct categories to identify the best employers of engineering talent for this sector.

Top SaaS Companies in India to Hire Exceptional Talent


Freshworks provides innovative customer engagement software for businesses of all sizes, making it easy for teams to acquire, close, and keep their customers.

Website: freshworks.com

Employee Count: 4,300+

Category: Customer Relationship Management (CRM), IT Service Management, Customer Support

Pine Labs

Pine Labs offers a merchant platform that provides financing and last-mile retail transaction technology, addressing the needs of merchants across India and Southeast Asia.

Website: pinelabs.com

Employee Count: 1,500+

Category: Fintech, Payment Solutions


Shiprocket is India's leading logistics software platform, enabling automated shipping solutions for e-commerce.

Website: shiprocket.in

Employee Count: 500+

Category: E-commerce Logistics


Razorpay is a payments solution in India that allows businesses to accept, process, and disburse payments with its product suite.

Website: razorpay.com

Employee Count: 2,000+

Category: Fintech, Payment Gateway

People Strong

People Strong is a leading enterprise, work, and HR tech company from Gurgaon, providing comprehensive HR solutions.

Website: peoplestrong.com

Employee Count: 1,000+

Category: Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS)


JusPay offers a mobile-first payment interface for businesses, optimizing the payment experience across various digital platforms.

Website: juspay.in

Employee Count: 250+

Category: Fintech, Payment Solutions


MyGate provides a security management solution for gated communities, enhancing security and convenience for residents and management.

Website: mygate.com

Employee Count: 1,000+

Category: Security Management


Whatfix provides a digital adoption platform that helps enterprises accelerate the adoption of software applications.

Website: whatfix.com

Employee Count: 600+

Category: Digital Adoption, Enterprise Software


Druva provides cloud data protection and management solutions to simplify data backup, disaster recovery, and archival.

Website: druva.com

Employee Count: 1,200+

Category: Cloud Data Protection


Darwinbox offers a cloud-based human resources management system that integrates all HR needs into a single platform.

Website: darwinbox.com

Employee Count: 1,000+

Category: Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS)


Icertis provides enterprise contract management software to streamline contract creation, execution, and management.

Website: icertis.com

Employee Count: 1,600+

Category: Contract Management


Gupshup offers a messaging platform that enables businesses to build conversational experiences across various messaging channels.

Website: gupshup.io

Employee Count: 500+

Category: Messaging Platforms, Conversational AI


LeadSquared is a marketing automation and sales execution platform that helps businesses automate their sales and marketing processes.

Website: leadsquared.com

Employee Count: 1,000+

Category: Marketing Automation, Sales Execution


Classplus provides an app-based platform for tutors, coaching centers, and educational institutions to manage their operations and deliver online classes.

Website: classplusapp.com

Employee Count: 800+

Category: Education Technology


Zeta offers a full-stack, cloud-native, API-first platform for banks and fintech companies to modernize their core systems.

Website: zeta.tech

Employee Count: 1,300+

Category: Fintech, Banking Solutions


Zoho provides a comprehensive suite of online productivity tools and SaaS applications for businesses of all sizes.

Website: zoho.com

Employee Count: 10,000+

Category: Productivity Tools, SaaS Applications


Practo offers a healthcare platform that connects patients with doctors and provides telemedicine, appointment booking, and health records management.

Website: practo.com

Employee Count: 1,200+

Category: Healthcare Technology


RateGain provides revenue management and distribution solutions for the hospitality and travel industry, helping businesses optimize pricing and distribution.

Website: rategain.com

Employee Count: 600+

Category: Revenue Management, Hospitality Technology


BrowserStack offers a cloud-based testing platform that allows developers to test their websites and mobile applications across various browsers and devices.

Website: browserstack.com

Employee Count: 800+

Category: Software Testing, Development Tools


Zaggle provides expense management and employee benefits solutions, integrating payment systems with expense tracking and analytics.

Website: zaggle.in

Employee Count: 300+

Category: Expense Management, Fintech


HackerRank is a technical hiring platform that helps companies evaluate software developers based on coding skills through various challenges and tests.

Website: hackerrank.com

Employee Count: 400+

Category: Technical Hiring, Recruitment


Postman provides an API development and testing platform that simplifies each step of building an API and streamlines collaboration.

Website: postman.com

Employee Count: 800+

Category: API Development, Software Tools


[24]7.ai offers AI-driven customer engagement solutions that provide predictive analytics and customer interaction tools to improve customer service.

Website: 247.ai

Employee Count: 15,000+

Category: Customer Engagement, AI Solutions


Shipsy provides a logistics and supply chain management platform that enhances operational efficiency through automation and real-time visibility.

Website: shipsy.io

Employee Count: 200+

Category: Supply Chain Management, Logistics Technology


Eightfold offers a talent intelligence platform that leverages AI to help companies with talent acquisition, management, and optimization.

Website: eightfold.ai

Employee Count: 500+

Category: Talent Intelligence, HR Technology


Tracxn provides a comprehensive platform for tracking startups and private companies, offering data for investors and corporates to make informed decisions.

Website: tracxn.com

Employee Count: 800+

Category: Market Intelligence, Startup Data