This Talent Mapping Tool shows you Exactly Who to Hire

December 20, 2023

Imagine your recruitment budget approved, goals set, and roles defined – all that's left is to source the best candidates. But where do you start? What platforms and resources are ideal? Where do you find those elusive "unicorns," your ideal candidates?

If these questions stump you, it's time to build a sourcing strategy, and that's where talent mapping comes in. It goes beyond identifying candidates, helping you construct a strategy and understand the competitive landscape.

What's Wrong with the Current Approach?

In the existing landscape, the recruitment process often feels like a Herculean task, marked by the struggle with numerous tools, the financial burden of costly subscriptions for each tool, loss of data, wastage of time due to juggling multiple platforms.

Here's how Talent Mapping happens today

Step 1: Define the Hiring Goal: Collaborate with the hiring manager to set clear objectives.

Step 2: Profile the Ideal Candidate: Understand the qualities of the perfect fit for the role.

Step 3: Execute a Targeted Search: Utilize criteria to scour platforms like Github, Stack Overflow, Angellist, LinkedIn, and more.

Step 4: Validate Profiles: Ensure the discovered profiles align with the envisioned position.

Step 5: Enrich with Talent Demand: Gauge the market demand for these skills across organizations.

Step 6: Visualize Results: Create a visual representation for easy comprehension by the hiring team.

Tools required for the process:

For profiling:

‍Enlighten Jobs - find synonyms for job titles and key skills

For searching:

Platforms like Github, Stack Overflow, Angellist or any of the other platforms to search for candidates‍

LinkedIn and LinkedIn Recruiter‍

For Profile validation:

Scrapers like Phantombuster or Scrapestorm to get the profiles in a format so you can analyse them‍

Google Sheets to analyse the results.

For demand and trend analysis:

Platforms for demand data: Glassdoor, Indeed, LinkedIn‍

Talent data aggregators like Predictive Index and Burning-Glass Technologies

This Talent Mapping Tool Will Change Everything

Experience what even LinkedIn Missed. No more juggling multiple platforms. 

Imagine a tool that goes beyond the limitations of traditional platforms, providing a comprehensive solution to the challenges of talent acquisition. After months of research and development, we proudly present Talent Axis—an advanced Talent Mapping platform built on 1 billion+ data points, offering actionable insights to make informed hiring decisions.

What Sets Talent Axis Apart:

Talent Mapping to identify the ideal companies, locations, and more before sourcing.

Multidimensional Search to expand your sourcing reach and find the best talent efficiently.

360° Talent Overview of your organization, competitors, and the market.

Real-time Talent Data on talent supply and demand, company reports, and more.

Get Exact Match Candidates 

Bid farewell to the challenges of talent analysis and decision-making. 

Talent Axis is not just a tool; it's your trusted compass, guiding you through the intricate landscape of talent acquisition with precision and confidence. Elevate your hiring decisions with the unparalleled capabilities of Talent Axis.